• 5KW solar rooftop at sidhartha layout in Mysore
    •  Grid tie Solar Rooftop Inverter Mysore
    •  biggest in Mysore 48 KW Rooftop Solar Inverter at Madhva Shenoy Kalyana mantap Mysore
    • Minwasolar  3w.sl_.ltn
    • Minwasolar 3W SOLAR LANTERN
    • Minwasolar  5W 12V SOLAR LANTERN
    • minwasolar 3-w-adjustable-bulb
    • minwasolar 7w-corn-light
    • minwasolar 25w-corn-light
    • minwasolar  2-feet-tube-light
    • Minwasolar 6w-adjustable-light
    • SMP Controller
    • SMP Controller


LED Lamps

Minwa LED range of Lamps:

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