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SMP Controllers

Available in 12v, 24v, 36v, 48v, 72v, 96v All of 20Amps.

SMP ControllerSMP Controller


Minwa SMP Controller

Conversion kit for existing UPS
  1. Most economic
  2. Cut down electricity bill
  3. Roi within 3 years
  4. Easy installation
  5. Season wise user end settings compatible
  6. Most useful to remote places.
  7. User friendly can be used off grid and hybrid.
  8. Mains charging can be set for required level by user end according to  power cut and sunshine availability.
How does it work?

This is a fully automatic solar charge controller which can also control the AC supply to the inverter when ac charging is required and having a change over system from grid to solar and back, whenever necessary or as per pre-set.
This is required to prioritize of solar energy and cut down the grid usage. The inbuilt digital controller senses the battery voltage and accordingly controls the load connection to grid and inverter as per the settings, which can be set according to the weather condition.
In Brief, when the battery gets fully charged the load will be connected to inverter and according to the connected load the solar energy will be consumed, In the meantime the electricity will be  saved. After the utility of the entire solar energy stored in the day, again the load will be shifted to grid. The remaining energy stored in the battery (according to the battery capacity) will be utilised during power cuts and cloudy days.
When sun shine is not enough to charge the battery it can be charged through grid for the required level by setting the controller for as per the table provided. Always keep it minimum and increase only when it is essential, so that maximum power can be saved and the solar power can be prioritized.


Charge controller: zero drop /MPPT
Switching: microcontroller based
Voltage range: 12 v. to 96 v.
Current: 20- 40 a.
Load: 5 kva.

Set up table


STEP NO. Display Set required voltage level using UP OR DOWN Buttons
1.Press set key SL ON

Preferred volt. for 12 v. single battery :

Step 1. 14 .2 v.,
Step 2. 11.5 v.,
Step 3. 10 to 14 v.
Step 4. 14 v.
Multiply by no. of batteries
* For higher capacities. Ex. 14.2x 2 for 2 batteries 24 v. system.

NOTE : Always keep Mains charging
level minimum. 10 v. (step 3 & 4 )
Increase during cloudy day power
Cuts Only.

2.Press set key SL OFF
3.Press set key CH ON
4.Press set key CH OFF
5. press set key LOAD Set according to the inverter capacity approximately 1 : 100 watt
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